Core Values

Creative Passion

We are committed to living and pursuing what we do with passion. We believe that God has instilled in each person something creative that is a needed component in the world today. We embrace the opportunity to live out our passion with enthusiasm and joy with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. We want to be known as people with creative passion.


Moved to care with sensitivity as we engage in people’s stories, we hope to be people of compassion. Compassion motivates us to act with giving hearts and kind, understanding acceptance. We want to be known as people of compassion.


We believe that each person has the need and desire to be loved. We model our love after the One who loved us first – Jesus. As we engage with Jesus and His love for us we can offer a selfless love that is unlike any other. Hope is provided through love – and as we both experience this love ourselves and offer it to one another we know lives will be changed. We want to be known as people of love.


Driven by our creative passion we want to be people who persevere. Knowing that both hardship and joy will be a part of the journey we will remain steadfast. With drive and determination we will graciously move towards finishing that which we started. We want to be known as people of commitment.


It is our desire to participate in all things with a genuine honest attitude. We want to be people pursuing justice, working hard to engage in the broken places of this world. We hope to express our passion and vision by doing each thing set before us with dependability and excellence. We want to be known as people of integrity.