Purchased is stirring hearts through education to join the abolition movement.

My Life My Choice (MLMC)

Approximate time needed: Ten 75-minute sessions, preferably 1-2 sessions per week for consecutive weeks.

MLMC is a national model of empowerment for girls and effective education on prevention of sexual exploitation. The curriculum is centered on the goals of changing attitudes and perceptions about the commercial sex industry, improving knowledge about sexual health and substance abuse, and increasing skills that help reduce the risk of exploitation.

The curriculum includes comprehensive material on the following subjects: 

  • Myths about commercial sexual exploitation
  • Awareness of recruitment tactics by pimps
  • Education about sexual health
  • Link between substance use and exploitation
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Awareness of resources and a path out of commercial sexual exploitation

Target audience: High school (or upper middle school) girls through adults who are at risk or have been sexually exploited

Cost: There is no cost to your school or youth program.

Equipment needed: Private meeting room, CD player, TV/DVD player

"In My Life My Choice Class, I learned there's always another option. You don't have to turn to prostitution." -MLMC Student

Empowering Youth

Approximate time needed: Four, 1-hour sessions

Empowering Youth is a curriculum that empower young men to end sexual exploitation with the following objectives:

  • To understand commercial sexual exploitation as a form of gender-based violence
  • To explore cultural norms and their impact on our society‚Äôs perceptions of masculinity, male sexuality, and the normalization of the sex trade
  • To discuss the pressure from the media, peers, and societal messages to conform to these norms and how they influence our understanding of the sex trade, as well as the decision to become patrons
  • To empower young men with the skills and knowledge to become allies against sexual exploitation by identifying tangible ways in which to end sexual harm.

Target audience: Upper middle school or high school students (but the program can be adapted for adults)

Cost: There is no cost to your school or youth program.

Equipment needed: Private meeting room with A/V equipment

"I learned that anybody can do something to help stop people from abusing them or to help prevent prostitution." -EY Student

 Human Trafficking 101

Would you or your organization/group like to learn more about human trafficking? Purchased has the ability and flexibility to offer a variety of presentations to be tailored to your needs. These can include:

  • What human trafficking looks like globally
  • What the issue looks like locally and how it might affect your community
  • How you can get involved in the abolition movement
  • Knowing the warning signs of human trafficking
  • The basics of human trafficking for youth

Interested in hosting a My Life My Choice/Empowering Youth class, having Human Trafficking 101, or want more information? Contact our Founder/Program Director, Jessica Evans at