Equipping Advocates Program

We have very exciting and unique internship opportunities available throughout the year! The ultimate goals of this program are to:

  • Assist in the operations of a startup non-profit, including day-to-day assignments in the office
  • Apply classroom knowledge and theory while furthering Purchased’s mission
  • Become aware of and participate in the Indianapolis anti-trafficking network
  • Increase understanding of human trafficking locally, nationally, and globally
  • Discern what role you may be called to within the abolition movement
  • Work collaboratively with interns in different departments in order to successfully reach a goal
  • Instill confidence and leadership skills through event management and speaking engagements

These unpaid opportunities are typically 10-20 hours a week and last 3-9 months, depending on the session (fall/spring, or summer). Internships have the flexibility to be tailored to unique learning objectives and career interests

Fill out an online application to start your journey with Purchased today!


Social Media and Marketing Intern

  • The Social Media/Marketing Intern will be running all of Purchased’s social media accounts. The purpose of this is to advertise for events and spread awareness about Purchased.
  • Will be aiding the Marketing Manager will all digital communication content, scheduling, and execution.
  • Will sit on the Marketing Committee and be expected to attend all marketing meetings.
  • Needs to adhere to all branding and content guidelines.
  • Will be expected to further knowledge about social media and marketing strategy through webinars, classes, seminars, and research.

Fundraising and Development Intern

  • The Fundraising/Development Intern will collaborate with the Community Development Intern to plan various community fundraising events at restaurants, businesses, etc.
  • Will be expected to attend events where Purchased has a booth or table in order to increase the amount of donors/volunteers.
  • Will be required to research new grants, draft and complete possible grants, as well as contact foundations during the writing process in order to obtain more information about their grant. Will also be in charge of successfully editing grants. This intern would be expected to complete the necessary research before applying on behalf of Purchased.
  • Expected to further knowledge of donor retention strategy through research, webinars, seminars, etc.
  • May work closely with the Board of Directors.
  • Scheduling meetings with current and potential donors, as well as maintaining the donor contact database.

Survivor Support Intern

  • The Survivor Support Intern will be working very closely with the ALLIES Mentorship Program, planning monthly gatherings with the mentees and Allies and performing other tasks as assigned by the Survivor Support committee.
  • Expected to further knowledge of survivor support strategy through research, seminars, webinars, etc.
  • Will keep and maintain a database of community programs and other anti-trafficking organizations.
  • Must be willing to go through background check process 
  • Will be expected to attend monthly gatherings 

Community Development Intern

  • The Community Development Intern will be required to research various fairs and festivals for Purchased to participate in.
  • Responsible for planning and organizing events within the community to advertise the organization, reach new donors, and gain new volunteers.
  • Expected to research and develop new potential community relationships.
  • Will work closely with the Fundraising/Development Intern, brainstorming fundraising strategy for events.
  • Assist with and help coordinate existing Purchased events.

Design Intern

  • The Design Intern will be expected to design clear engaging graphic communications for print and web. This can include, but will not be limited to, branded promotional items, web site and social media graphics, posters, flyers, and other marketing materials as needed.
  • Will work closely with the graphic designer on the Purchased team, as well as collaborate with the Social Media & Marketing Intern and Marketing Committee.
  • Will be asked to come up with new and creative design ideas.
  • Needs to adhere to all branding and content guidelines.

Public Relations Intern

  • Building contact lists for local and national media contacts that can be contacted for Purchased organization news and updates and mission advancement
  • Outreach to contacts to build relationships and position Purchased as the go-to resource for human trafficking information and services in Indianapolis
  • Pitching Purchased news and updates to contacts
  • Finding opportunities to tie Purchased into local community events or leverage press to help build upon the Purchased story
  • Work closely with other team leaders and members of the Development committee to support cohesive messaging and marketing efforts throughout the year
  • Monitoring global, national and local news for human trafficking related stories, stats and/or information
  • Providing timely (if not monthly) updates on relationships and story placements to Committee
  • Providing timely (if not monthly) updates to Committee for National and Local news on human trafficking that can inform or provide good content for blog, social and/or follow up press outreach
  • Working closely with Purchased executive leadership team for any placements to ensure proper approvals and accuracy of fact before pitching or releasing information to press