Jessica (Thorne) Evans - Founder and Executive Director

Contact: Jessica@purchased.org

Jessica’s heart was first tugged by the issue of human trafficking in 2007 during a visit to Nepal. When she returned from her trip, she knew there was a calling on her life to be a part of the abolition movement by educating the Indianapolis community and inspiring others to participate in ending human trafficking. In 2011, she founded the non-profit, Purchased, and since then, has educated thousands of Hoosiers on the issue, and established programs to serve survivors of trafficking and their families in Central Indiana. Jessica is a certified and seasoned facilitator of the nationally recognized My Life My Choice curriculum, a member of the Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans Task Force. She is a 2003 graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and holds certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership from IU. She recently received achievement awards from the Women Like Us foundation and Indiana Youth Services Association for her contribution to anti-trafficking efforts in Indiana.

Courtney Richards - Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Contact: Courtney@purchased.org

Courtney is a graduate of Anderson University, where she received a BA in Sociology and Family Science. While at Anderson, she learned about human trafficking for the very first time. Listening to a professor's advice to "pay attention to what breaks your heart," she developed a deep passion for this injustice and the victims affected by it. This then led her to Purchased, where she served as an intern in 2013. Since then, she has continued to learn, grow, and have her heart broken for the women being trafficked in Central Indiana. Now serving as Purchased's Fundraising and Marketing Manager, she has loved spreading the work of Purchased through communications and marketing, as well as working alongside individuals in order to help grow and sustain the organization.

Audrey Hood - Internship and Volunteer Coordinator

Contact: Audrey@purchased.org

After acquiring a degree in Hospitality & Food Management and Business at Ball State University, Audrey worked as a sales manager at a hotel in Carmel, Indiana. While she loved using her degree for 3 years, Audrey knew God was using her interests and passions to move her in a new direction. She now works at a local coffee shop in downtown Indianapolis which gives her more opportunities to meet people and serve others through Purchased. She began facilitating My Life My Choice classes in 2016 and is excited to start at the Internship and Volunteer Coordinator for Purchased. Audrey has witnessed the realities of human trafficking and wrestles with wanting to do more for those trapped in this darkness around the world. She had the opportunity to visit Rapha House in Cambodia where God used that trip to confirm her desire to bring awareness of, and to help end modern day slavery specifically in the Indianapolis area. She is extremely passionate about practically serving others in the likeness of Christ no matter where she may find herself, and believes her one mission is to bring hope of the Gospel and restoration of life to those bound by the chains of human slavery.

Sarah Russell - My Life My Choice facilitator

Contact: Sarah@purchased.org

After graduating from Ball State, Sarah became a Special Education teacher in Indianapolis. Having summers free as a teacher opened the door for her to travel. Her first trip was to Rapha House in Southeast Asia where she spent time with more than 60 survivors of sex slavery. These young girls’ stories opened Sarah’s eyes to the vast injustice of child slavery and deeply moved her to get involved. Since that time, Sarah has returned to Rapha House each summer to continue learning and using her gifts of teaching. Knowing child slavery is not only in Southeast Asia, Sarah was burdened to get involved at home in Indianapolis. In 2008 Sarah began doing outreach to prostitutes and joined the Purchased team.

Laura Coonrod - ALLIES Coach, My Life My Choice facilitator

Contact: Laurac@purchased.org

While studying at Indiana Wesleyan University, Laura heard the stories of a few women in India. These women had been trafficked, and their stories were just a few out of many. Laura began to find her heart drawn towards these women even though she didn't know them and began to pursue ways to get involved. The first simply being to purchase fair trade items providing a way out for trafficked women. She then had the opportunity to spend some time in Nepal and India, to actually meet some of the women behind the stories she had heard. Her heart was changed. Her awareness began to expand as she got connected to Purchased through an internship in 2014. The reality of trafficking happening in Indiana, even in the town she grew up in was sobering. Laura feels honored to be a part of Purchased's team of people, helping other people become aware of this reality, and hopefully playing a small part in a trajectory of change.

Ramla Hampton - ALLIES Coach, My Life My Choice facilitator

Contact: Ramla@purchased.org

Ramla's career working with vulnerable populations began after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Ball State University. It was after obtaining her Master's Degree in Social Work from IUPUI, that the deeper work began. She's been working with parents and children who have experienced abuse and trauma, with an emphasis on building a healthier life for themselves and their families. Her connection with human trafficking in Indiana began after spending time with a friend who was very passionate about this work. Through her, she learned about the local need and began thinking about what could be done to help. She joined the team of women working to develop mentoring program that would become what Purchased calls ALLIES today. Ramla greatly enjoys spending time getting to know the girls seeking support and the women who have volunteered to support them. While this can be emotionally draining work, it's extremely rewarding to work with an exceptional team that continues to inspire her to live the life God has for me. The love and support of her family enables her to continue to do this work and for that, she is truly grateful.

Schawayna Raie - My Life My Choice Facilitator

Schawayna Raie is an Inspirational Recording Artist. The release of her single Who Will Cry (for the little girl) in April of 2015 gave an inside to her own personal struggle with child molestation, bringing awareness to sexual assault and her new found passion for human trafficking. Schawayna has been involved with the start up of many women's businesses through branding and strategic planning as well as her own non-profit. She now serves as a My Life My Choice facilitator for Purchased and is excited to continue to be a part of this anti-trafficking work.

Kareema Boykin - My Life My Choice Facilitator

Kareema Boykins is a social worker who works with children, adolescents and some adults who have experienced some form of trauma. Some examples include childhood sexual abuse, rape, witnessing or being a victim of domestic violence, homicide, suicide and other traumas. Kareema believes her purpose is helping people. She was the kid in first grade that raised her hand and said, “I want to help people when I grow up.” Kareema works for the Legacy House where she advocates for children and adolescents and facilitates positive changes in their lives. Kareem has worked for the Marion County Health Department, Future Promises Program and the Children’s Bureau. Kareema holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from Indiana University. She serves as the President of Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni Association. She has two children and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.