National Coffee Day 2014

Posted by: purchased on September 29, 2014

By: Craig Westberry, Purchased Intern Today is National Coffee Day. If you’re like me, you need caffeine to get through the day, and also love the taste of coffee. As many celebrate the drink that keeps the majority of college students like me awake, let us remember something important. Fair trade coffee is a brand of coffee that should be supported by coffee drinkers. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • The way this coffee is priced is meant to be fair for both the consumer and the producer. Overall it promotes better farming practices, as well as supports the people involved, instead of leaving them with less than minimum wages.
  • Fair trade coffee also supports environmental sustainability. It is organic, and therefore promotes the use of farming methods that helps the environment to thrive, instead of being washed in tons of toxic chemicals.
  • The purchase of fair trade coffee supports both the communities and workers involved in producing the coffee.

As you choose a mug to pour your celebratory coffee into for National Coffee Day, remember to think about supporting a fairer way of producing it.

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