Our Mission


The mission of Purchased is to educate, equip, & empower the community to end modern day slavery.


Purchased is committed to raising awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation, while inspiring the community to join the abolition movement in Central Indiana.


Purchased provides young women at-risk of trafficking with prevention education through the My Life My Choice program, increasing skills that help reduce their risk of exploitation.
Thrive is a new program to equip parents/caregivers of girls who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking with knowledge and resources to help make their home environment a safe place for their child to thrive.
Purchased also leads and supports 3-5 interns each semester to equip advocates against modern day slavery.


Purchased provides trained mentors for young female survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation in the Indianapolis community through the ALLIES mentorship program.

Community Partnerships

We are very committed to partnering with other local organizations, community based service providers, and government agencies. We believe that is important to be in unity with those in our community in order to be better equipped in fighting Human Trafficking. We are continually looking for partnerships. If you are interested, please contact Jessica Evans at Jessica@purchased.org