The abolition of modern day slaves can only move forward if people are made aware of their existence. Turning a blind eye or waiting for someone else to make a difference is not an option. Purchased believes that educating ourselves and others is key to freeing those enslaved, helping survivors and stopping the demand for human trafficking.

We have compiled a list of books, movies and links that can help educate and inspire those wanting to join in the movement.

Polaris Project

Polaris project is a leading international organization combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Based in the United States and Japan, they bring together community members, survivors, and professionals to fight trafficking and slavery in the spirit of a modern-day Underground Railroad.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.


Love146‘s mission is abolition and restoration. They combat child sex slavery & exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence. Love146 works toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through Prevention and Aftercare programs.

Not For Sale

The Not For Sale Campaign equips and mobilizes Smart Activists to deploy innovative solutions to re-abolish slavery in their own backyards and across the globe.

Together, we can end slavery in our lifetime.

Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH)

The Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH) is a statewide task force that was first initiated in 2005 by the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to address the issue of human trafficking. IPATH’s goals are prevention, protection, and prosecution, and is comprised of over 60 organizations statewide including: law enforcement specialists, social service providers, health providers, legal service providers, awareness and education organizations, as well as passionate community members and faith based groups.


Restored encounters children who have been extorted through sex trafficking and exploitation and provides them an avenue to find restoration. Along with providing victim services, they work to raise awareness and provide advocacy in hopes of ending human sex trafficking.

Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves liberates slaves around the world, helps them rebuild their lives and researches real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever.

We use world class research and compelling stories from the frontlines of slavery to convince the powerful and the powerless that we can end slavery.

Gracehaven House

Gracehaven seeks through Christian love to provide shelter and rehabilitation to girls under the age of 18 who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and to raise awareness among young women about the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in order to educate and equip them so that they can avoid becoming victims themselves.

Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade

FAST works to ensure continued growth of sustainable production and trade by improving access and availability of affordable finance to sustainable producers in developing nations. By identifying and implementing concrete and innovative strategies, FAST will increase efficiencies in the delivery of finance among financial service providers and other stakeholders serving sustainable supply chains.


IAST exists to create and equip a new abolition movement for the eradication of sexual trafficking, the protection of survivors, and the prosecution of traffickers and exploiters.

U.S. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

The Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (G/TIP), led by Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, provides the tools to combat trafficking in persons and assists in the coordination of anti-trafficking efforts both worldwide and domestically.

Shared Hope International

Shared Hope International exists to rescue and restore women and children in crisis. We are leaders in a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness.

DC Stop Modern Slavery

DC Stop Modern Slavery seeks to leverage the power of the community to help build a better world, one without modern slavery and human trafficking, which involve the complete control of one person by another for the purpose of economic exploitation.

Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839, is the world’s oldest international human rights organization and the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses. They work at local, national and international levels to eliminate the system of slavery around the world.

Children of the Night

Founded in 1979, Children of the Night is dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced into prostitution. Since its inception, Children of the Night has rescued more than ten thousand American children from commercial sex trade.


STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people, PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers.


Established in 1998, The Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) has been a pioneer in the anti-trafficking movement in the United States and works exclusively with trafficked persons. CAST is a multi-ethnic human rights organization whose mission is to assist persons trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and slavery-like practices. CAST has provided training and technical assistance to thousands of NGO and government personnel and represented the United States at international events on human trafficking. CAST opened the first shelter for trafficked women in the U.S. , offering a model for the development of services to victims of trafficking. CAST’s programs include Social Services, Legal Services, and Training & Advocacy and have assisted over 200 victims of trafficking in some of the most well known cases in the U.S.


A Christian ministry based in urban Bangkok, NightLight provides outreach to women and children exploited in the city’s sex bars. It’s main goal is to intervene when children are solicited for sex trafficking and also to provide women with job training and employment through a self-sustaining business.

The Redlight Children Campaign

The Redlight Children Campaign is a worldwide grassroot campaign that aims to reduce child trafficking and child prostitution by targeting demand through law enforcement and financial sanctions.

Vision Abolition

Vision Abolition is fighting to end sex trafficking across the world. Join the movement committed to changing lives, one person at a time.

I Stop Traffic

The I Stop Traffic Awareness Campaign is a project created by the non-profit organization, Artists United For Social Justice (A.U.S.J.) Founded by Michael Cory Davis in 2009. The mission of AUSJ is empower activists to create and distribute multimedia content that educates the public, particularly youth, about human rights violations and social injustices.

The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today

In this riveting book, authors and authorities on modern day slavery Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter expose the disturbing phenomenon of human trafficking and slavery that exists now in the United States. In The Slave Next Door we find that slaves are all around us, hidden in plain sight: the dishwasher in the kitchen of the neighborhood restaurant, the kids on the corner selling cheap trinkets, the man sweeping the floor of the local department store. In these pages we also meet some unexpected slaveholders, such as a 27-year old middle-class Texas housewife who is currently serving a life sentence for offences including slavery. Weaving together a wealth of voices–from slaves, slaveholders, and traffickers as well as from experts, counselors, law enforcement officers, rescue and support groups, and others–this book is also a call to action, telling what we, as private citizens, can do to finally bring an end to this horrific crime.

The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream

THE SNAKEHEAD is a panoramic tale of international intrigue and a dramatic portrait of the underground economy in which America’s twelve million illegal immigrants live. Based on hundreds of interviews, Patrick Radden Keefe’s sweeping narrative tells the story not only of Sister Ping, but of the gangland gunslingers who worked for her, the immigration and law enforcement officials who pursued her, and the generation of penniless immigrants who risked death and braved a 17,000 mile odyssey so that they could realize their own version of the American dream. The Snakehead offers an intimate tour of life on the mean streets of Chinatown, a vivid blueprint of organized crime in an age of globalization and a masterful exploration of the ways in which illegal immigration affects us all.

Half the Sky

From two of our most fiercely moral voices, a passionate call to arms against our era’s most pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.With Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn as our guides, we undertake an odyssey through Africa and Asia to meet the extraordinary women struggling there, among them a Cambodian teenager sold into sex slavery and an Ethiopian woman who suffered devastating injuries in childbirth. Drawing on the breadth of their combined reporting experience, Kristof and WuDunn depict our world with anger, sadness, clarity, and, ultimately, hope.

Slave Hunter: One Man’s Global Quest to Free Victims of Human Trafficking

Years of drug addiction and late-night partying led Aaron Cohen, one-time best friend and business partner to Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, on a path of spiritual discovery that has both transformed and endangered his life — a path that has drawn him into the shantytowns of Cambodia and the hidden brothels of Latin America, across the sweltering savannahs of Sudan, up to the Dalai Lama’s Himalayan retreat, and through the unforgiving jungles of Burma and the deserts of Iraq. At a time when more people than ever before are enslaved somewhere on the planet, Aaron Cohen is a slave hunter — working to find and free human beings from various forms of bondage.
In a remarkable exposé of a sinister trade most of us will never experience first-hand, rocker-turned-antislavery activist Aaron Cohen reveals the fast-paced, timely, inspiring, and unforgettable story of a real life Slave Hunter.

The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine

A riveting and beautiful memoir of tragedy and hope–by a woman named to Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world
Born in a village deep in the Cambodian forest, Somaly Mam was sold into sexual slavery by her grandfather when she was twelve years old. For the next decade she was shuttled through the brothels that make up the sprawling sex trade of Southeast Asia. She suffered unspeakable acts of brutality and witnessed horrors that would haunt her for the rest of her life–until, in her early twenties, she managed to escape. Unable to forget the girls she left behind, Mam became a tenacious and brave leader in the fight against human trafficking, rescuing sex workers–some as young as five and six–offering them shelter, rehabilitation, healing, and love and leading them into new life.
Written in exquisite, spare, unflinching prose, The Road of Lost Innocence is a memoir that will leave you awestruck by the courage and strength of this extraordinary woman and will renew your faith in the power of an individual to bring about change.

Good News about Injustice

Haugen is the president of the International Justice Mission, an incredible organization that seeks to demonstrate the compassion and justice of God in nations around the world. The book is first and foremost a defense of this concept – that we, as followers of Christ and children of God, serve a compassionate God who is concerned with and passionate about the particular travesties of injustice in every corner of the globe. Haugen takes the reader through dozens of scriptural passages and principles to make his point and leaves the reader asking what they can do to make a difference in the world.


When young Iqbal is sold into slavery at a carpet factory, his arrival changes everything for the other overworked and abused chidren there. It is Iqbal who explains to them that despite their master’s promises, he plans on keeping them as his slaves indefinetely. But it is also Iqbal who inspires the other children to look to a future free from toil…and is brave enough to show them how to get there.
This moving fictionalized account of the real Iqbal Masih is told through the voice of Fatima, a young Pakistani girl whose life is changed by Iqbal’s courage.

Global Human Smuggling: Comparative Perspectives

During the past decade, human smuggling across national borders grew from a low-level border crossing activity in a handful of countries to a diverse multibillion dollar business spanning the entire globe. New laws in several states, the creation and expansion of new enforcement and management agencies with enormous budgets, and multilateral programs around the world are currently being developed to combat human smuggling. But how well do we understand it? This volume explores the global dimensions of human smuggling in several forms and regions, examining its deep social, economic, and cultural roots and its broad political consequences.

Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings: All Roads Lead to America

Coming to America to make a better life has long been a dream of many from around the world, even if it means being smuggled into the country to gain entry. This book examines how human smuggling and trafficking activities to the United States are carried out and explores the legal and policy challenges of dealing with these problems. Zhang covers the scope and patterns of global human trafficking and smuggling activities; the strategies and methods employed by various groups to bring individuals into the United States; major smuggling routes and venues; the involvement of organized criminal organizations in transnational human smuggling activities; and the challenges confronting the U.S. government in combating these activities.

Selling Olga: Stories of Human Trafficking

It’s seems inconceivable in the 21st century, but human trafficking is now the world’s fastest-growing illegal industry: according to U.S. government estimates, between 700,000 and two million people have become victims. Following three years of in-depth research, award-winning author and journalist Louisa Waugh has produced a vivid, unflinching account of how this immoral commerce operates and why it thrives. Throughout Eastern Europe, a combination of war and poverty has led to women being sold in bars, confined, and coerced into sex work. And while Waugh focuses especially on one woman, Olga, who tells her own story in angry, heartbreaking detail, she also introduces us to many others across Europe including Nigerian women in Italy and migrants trapped in other forms of forced labor. She helps us understand why, in spite of global awareness, relentless anti-trafficking campaigns, and increasing numbers of imprisonments, this type of crime hasn’t disappeared…and why, in spite of everything, there is hope for change.

Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade–and How We Can Fight It

Award-winning journalist David Batstone reveals the story of a new generation of 21st century abolitionists and their heroic campaign to put an end to human bondage. In his accessible and inspiring book, Batstone carefully weaves the narratives of activists and those in bondage in a way that not only raises awareness of the modern-day slave trade, but also serves as a call to action.

Terrify No More: Young Girls Held Captive and the Daring Undercover Operation to Win Their Freedom

In a small village outside of Phnom Pehn, little children as young as five years old were forced to live as sex slaves. Day after day their hope was slipping away. Tireless workers from International Justice Mission (IJM) infiltrated the ring of brothels and gathered evidence to free the children. Headed up by former war-crimes investigator Gary Haugen, IJM faced impossible odds-police corruption, death threats, and mission-thwarting tip-offs. But they used their expert legal finesse and high-tech investigative techniques to save the lives of 37 young girls and secured the arrest and conviction of several perpetrators. Terrify No More focuses on this dramatic rescue story, and uses flashbacks to tell those of many other victims who were given a second chance at life by this amazing organization.

Stop the Traffik: People Shouldn’t Be Bought & Sold

Human trafficking is the fastest growing global crime, second in size only to the illegal arms trade. It involves the movement of people through violence, deception, or coercion for various purposes, among them sex, forced labor, and even body parts. Collected in this moving volume are real-life stories from individuals exposed to and working to stop human trafficking, each accompanied by stirring photographs. Along with information on the history of trafficking and its status today, practical action points for working to stop its progress are also provided.

Girls Like Us

Rachel Lloyd’s riveting survivor story is the true tale of her hard-won escape from the commercial sex industry and her bold founding of GEMS, New York City’s Girls Education and Mentoring Service, to help countless other young girls escape “the life.” Lloyd’s unflinchingly honest memoir is a powerful and unforgettable story of inhuman abuse, enduring hope, and the promise of redemption.

A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery

To be a moral witness is perhaps the highest calling of journalism, and in this unforgettable, highly readable account of contemporary slavery, author Benjamin Skinner travels around the globe to personally tell stories that need to be told — and heard.
As Samantha Power and Philip Gourevitch did for genocide, Skinner has now done for modern-day slavery. With years of reporting in such places as Haiti, Sudan, India, Eastern Europe, The Netherlands, and, yes, even suburban America, he has produced a vivid testament and moving reportage on one of the great evils of our time.

To Plead Our Own Cause: Personal Stories by Today’s Slaves

Boys strapped to carpet looms in India, women trafficked into sex slavery across Europe, children born into bondage in Mauritania, and migrants imprisoned at gunpoint in the United States are just a few of the many forms slavery takes in the twenty-first century. There are twenty-seven million slaves alive today, more than at any point in history, and they are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica. To Plead Our Own Cause contains ninety-five narratives by slaves and former slaves from around the globe.

Renting Lacy

Author Linda Smith brings to life characters based on real stories and interviews with teen survivors. Meet Lacy and Star as they reveal the underbelly of our country s commercial sex trade. Get to know the men who sell them, and the ones who buy them. Let Renting Lacy draw you into the lives of these young girls as they struggle to survive each night, watching their childhood hopes and dreams slip away in the darkness. Let it compel you to action.

The Price of Sex

The Price of Sex is a feature-length documentary about young Eastern European women who’ve been drawn into a netherworld of sex trafficking and abuse. Intimate, harrowing and revealing, it is a story told by the young women who were supposed to be silenced by shame, fear and violence. Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova, who grew up in Bulgaria, takes us on a personal investigative journey, exposing the shadowy world of sex trafficking from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Western Europe. Filming undercover and gaining extraordinary access, Chakarova illuminates how even though some women escape to tell their stories, sex trafficking thrives.

Lives For Sale

A one-hour investigative documentary exposes the painful, rarely seen human side of illegal immigration – including the growing black market trade in human beings.

FRONTLINE: sex slaves

FRONTLINE presents a unique hidden camera documentary look at this world of sexual slavery and also follows the remarkable journey of one man determined to find his trafficked wife by posing as a trafficker himself to buy back her freedom. 60 minutes.

Children For Sale

Dateline’s Chris Hansen reports on the illegal sex industry that victimizes Cambodian children as young as 5 years old, and the efforts to stop it. Dateline ventured into this dark place, where sexual predators can gain access to terrified children for a handful of cash. How could this be happening? And how can it be stopped?

Born into Brothels

Traces the lives children in the Red Light district of India. The filmmaker, a New York based photographer, teaches photography to the children enabling them to document their life. Winner of the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Film.

Trading Women

Follows the trade in women in all its complexity and considers the impact of this ‘far away’ problem on the global community. Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, the documentary investigates the trade in minority girls and women from the hill tribes of Burma, Laos and China into the Thai sex industry. It enters the worlds of brothel owners, trafficked girls, voluntary sex-workers, corrupt police and anxious politicians, explores the international community’s response to the issue and demonstrates the relationship of the trade in drugs to the trade of women. The film dispels common beliefs about the sex trade, such as: “The problem is the parents – it’s part of their culture to sell their daughters;” “The sex trade exists because of Western sex tours;” and “They sell their girls for TV’s”.


Sexual exploitation of children is a problem that we tend to relegate to back-alley brothels in developing countries, the province of a particularly inhuman, and invariably foreign, criminal element. Such is the initial premise of Libby Spears’ sensitive investigation into the topic. But she quickly concludes that very little thrives on this planet without American capital, and the commercial child sex industry is certainly thriving.

Not My Life

“Not My Life is the first documentary film to depict the horrifying and dangerous practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale. Filmed on five continents over a period of four years, Not My Life unflinchingly, but with enormous dignity and compassion, depicts the unspeakable practices of a multi-billion dollar global industry whose profits, as the film’s narration says, “are built on the backs and in the beds of our planet’s youth.”


Shot on location in the brothels and alleyways of Phnom Penh, “Holly”, opens your eyes to the seedy world of sex trafficking in Cambodia. The film follows Holly (Thuy Nguyen) a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl, sold by her parents, and now highly valued for her virginity. By chance card shark and American ex-pat (Ron Livingston) and Holly meet and he resolves to save her from a horrific fate.

Trade of Innocents

In the back streets of a tourist town in present-day Southeast Asia, we find a filthy cinder block room; a bed with soiled sheets; a little girl waits for the next man. Alex (Dermot Mulroney), a human trafficking investigator, plays the role of her next customer as he negotiates with the pimp for the use of the child. Claire (Mira Sorvino), Alex’s wife, is caught up in the flow of her new life in Southeast Asia and her role as a volunteer in an aftercare shelter for rescued girls where lives of local neighborhood girl’s freedoms and dignity are threatened. Parallel story lines intertwine and unfold twists against the backdrop of the dangerous human trafficking world, in a story of struggle, life, hope and redemption in the “TRADE of INNOCENTS.”

Cargo: Innocence Lost

A compelling documentary, Cargo: Innocence Lost, unveils the dark underworld of sex trafficking through compelling interviews with some of the country’s top officials on the subject, victims’ advocates and victims themselves, who were rescued in Texas. The film explores how the business of sex trafficking has become a $9 billion dollar a year industry and why it still remains a shrouded crime in our nation.

Very Young Girls

Very Young Girls is an exposé of the commercial sexual exploitation of girls in New York City as they are sold on the streets by pimps and treated as adult criminals by police. The film follows barely adolescent girls in real time, using vérité and intimate interviews with them, documenting their struggles and triumphs as they seek to exit the commercial sex industry. The film also uses startling footage shot by pimps themselves, giving a rare glimpse into how the cycle of exploitation begins for many women.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

Nefarious, Merchant of Souls, is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends in modern sex slavery. From the very first scene, Nefarious ushers you into the nightmare of sex slavery that hundreds of thousands experience daily. You’ll see where slaves are sold (often in developed, affluent countries), where they work, and where they are confined. You’ll hear first-hand interviews with real victims and traffickers, along with expert analysis from international humanitarian leaders.

Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth

Sex+Money: A National Search for Human Worth is a documentary about domestic minor sex trafficking and the modern-day abolitionist movement fighting to stop it. Since September 2009, the crew has traveled to over 30 states and conducted more than 75 interviews with federal agents, victims, politicians, activists, psychologists, porn-stars, among others.

Amazing Grace

Dramatic film based on the life of anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was elected to the British House of Commons at the age of 21. Over the course of two decades he took on the English establishment and persuaded those in power to end the inhumane trade of slavery in the British Empire.

Human Trafficking

Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland star in this thrilling movie that traces the routes of several women and children as they are bought and sold by international traffickers. This dramatic film illustrates several forms of human trafficking, particularly the sexual exploitation of women and young children. It captures the stories of victims, perpetrators, and those working to stop trafficking. Law enforcement agencies, such as Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as non-governmental organizations, are featured in this suspenseful tale.

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide is a four-hour television series for PBS and international broadcast, shot in 10 countries: Cambodia, Kenya, India, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Liberia and the U.S. Inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s book, the documentary series introduces women and girls who are living under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable — and fighting bravely to change them. Traveling with intrepid reporter Nicholas Kristof and A-list celebrity advocates America Ferrera, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union and Olivia Wilde, the film reflects viable and sustainable options for empowerment and offers an actionable blueprint for transformation.

Not For Sale documentary

Hollywood Director Robert Marcarelli produced and directed this film documentary based on the book by David Batstone. The film uses undercover footage to investigate the modern slave trade on five continents. It also captures the spirit of dedicated abolitionists working in the field to emancipate victims. Musical recording artists JAID and Kendall Paine wrote original music, including a theme song, for the film.


Drama starring Kevin Kline about a young girl trafficked from Mexico into the United States.


Sex trafficking is modern-day slavery. In Cambodia, and around the world, people are bought and sold as if they were a commodity. “Baht” is an attempt to expose this issue through telling a story, Sophea’s story. Sophea is a young woman fighting to put the pieces of her life together after being deceived by someone she trusted and forced into prostitution. This film was made in hopes that people might be moved to action to fight injustice – in Cambodia and places like it, as well as in their own cities and towns.