Survivor Support


ALLIES believes that every survivor of sex trafficking and exploitation is worthy of healthy love, respect, and community. We realize this belief by walking through life with survivors in mentorship.


ALLIES will build and maintain lasting friendships with survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation in Indiana in order to support them in recognizing their value and worth and empowering them to make life decisions that reflect this.

Purchased believes that every person is worthy of unconditional love, respect, and healthy community. Unfortunately, those who have been in “the life” of sexual exploitation have not always experienced those fundamental things. For that reason, Purchased is venturing into a new area of survivor support. As girls who have been victims of sexual exploitation passed through Purchased’s curriculum based prevention program, a gap became clear in accessible long-term support for this population in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We are crafting a mentorship program for girls and women who are currently being or have been sexually exploited.

On account of the extreme trauma and often family abandonment they have experienced at such a young age, many survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation need regular support in acquiring everyday skills such as grocery shopping, cooking, personal finance, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and setting and achieving goals.

Our goal is to create a program that purposefully matches survivors in need of a stable positive relationship with an ally, or mentor. In ALLIES, Purchased will pair survivors with an older female community mentor who will meet with her approximately once per week to link her to community resources, work on socialization and academic or career skills, help with child rearing, share a meal, or just provide a listening ear and have fun. Purchased will also provide a monthly gathering for mentors and mentees with a different focus each month – from cooking lessons, to community activities, to holiday parties. Allies will walk alongside survivors through the hills and valleys of life, agenda free. Survivors will gain an authentic and unwavering relationship as they rebound from “the life”. We want to empower survivors by connecting them with a life partner they can trust and rely on.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Email Jessica Evans at

 *ALLIES staff has been trained by the Christian Association of Youth Mentorship. This training is evidence-based and aligns with MENTOR’s “Elements of Effective Practice 4th Edition." 

While some of Purchased’s efforts are focused on education and prevention, we gladly help survivors of trafficking as needs arise in our community. From paying for rehab or purchasing a bus ticket home, we proudly support local and domestic victims. We understand that although we can’t do it all, we can make a difference in the lives of those whose paths we cross.   

“When it comes to a woman in trouble, whether it’s because of addiction, abuse, or other harmful life situations, the community that surrounds her is equally as important as her choices.” –The White Umbrella

“Over the years, we have seen the most effective recovery by our girls take place in the context of relationships. We have the credibility to help girls and women only when we offer them an authentic, ongoing connection.” –The White Umbrella